Noonga Reconciliation Group

Noonga Reconciliation Group is a volunteer organisation made up of dedicated community members from the North Brisbane area. We are committed to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples through developing friendships, cultural understanding and shared experiences.

Noonga began in 1997 at the time of the Native Title debates and grew out of a desire to raise awareness within the community of the issues impacting on the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We work with local Elders, schools and the broader community to create opportunities for cultural learning and reconciliation. We regularly organise events around significant days for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and for reconciliation.

If you are interested in Noonga’s activities, please subscribe to our newsletter, Noonga News for all updates and current events. Questions? Send us a message.

aboriginal_and_tores_strait_islander_flags_horzontalNoonga Reconciliation Group acknowledges the traditional owners of the land and pays respect to Elders, past, present and future.

Noonga Reconciliation Group Committee

  • President: Moira Bligh
  • Vice-President: Cate Ryan
  • Treasurer: Jenny Winton
  • Secretary: Colleen Kelly
  • Committee Member: Jan Evans
  • Committee Member: Margaret Rowley
  • Committee Member: Eden McNamara
  • Committee Member: Merryl Simpson
  • Committee Member: Sharon Gingell