Invasion / Survival Day 26th Jan

Over the last few years, there has been more support & interest from the community to change the date and acknowledge that the 26th January is a day of severe loss, sorrow and trauma for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

“For First Nations People and their family of supporters throughout the country, it’s a difficult day to be festive and celebrate togetherness on the anniversary of the invasion of their lands.
It simply cannot be a national celebration whilst actively ignoring the pain and trauma that has resulted from 26 January some 231 years ago. We can do better.
For Australians, being honest about 26 January as the date of our national holiday and what it means for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can be confronting and challenging, but listening and embracing the truth is what is needed, and it helps all Australians to move forward together.”      Source – ANTaR – Rethink our National Holiday

I’ve always admired Australians for their sense of community and the ability to come together as one to show support and care. It’s time for us all come together and create change. To support ALL Australians, our brothers, our sisters. To show respect to the rightful custodians of our land – our First Nations people.

There are several events happening on Survival Day – find them in the below post. ANTaR have a Rethink our National Holiday pledge you can join. Click here for more information.